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Cornell University

Cornell Drupal Camp


Automating Marketing and Communications with MailChimp

Recent changes and additions to the MailChimp API and suite of Drupal MailChimp modules means that email marketing has never been easier, from personalized, engagement-based emails to drip marketing campaigns. The ILR web team has been working directly with the maintainers of the modules to better meet the needs of our Professional Programs stakeholders. New features includes support for multiple API keys (customers) per Drupal installation, as well as configuring MailChimp-based automation endpoints with your site's Drupal entities.

Running on Drupal! Brevard College Tesla Demo

Attendees will learn how to Work with 'cool points' to create a 'smart site'. These 'cool points' are the kinds of systems and sensors installed in buildings that are 'offered up' thru Web - Services and used to make your Drupal site 'smart'.Understand 'Energy' as it relates to Drupal:

Let's Make Calendars Great Again, Together

Nothing builds a sense of community faster than events. But traditionally, keeping a central events repository and calendar for a complex, multifaceted organization, and displaying that in multiple, targeted locations has been tricky. We couldn't find anything "out of the box" that gave us all we needed in a complex calendar, so we built our own. Enter UniCal, the decoupled free & open source events system.

Organizing Your First Website Usability Test

You’ve built a shiny, new Drupal site. You asked your grandma and your client if they like it and they both do. However, you’re lying awake at night wondering if you’re missing something—because you know you’re not the end user. You yearn for actionable feedback.

Drupal 8.2: New Features!

Drupal 8.2 will have many new exciting features. This is because of two major changes in Drupal's development process.

1. Drupal now allows new features to be added in minor releases such as 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc. We no longer have to wait years till Drupal 9 for new features!
2. Experimental Modules: Experimental modules allow core contributors to iterate quickly on functionality that may be supported in an upcoming minor release and receive feedback, without needing to conform to the rigorous requirements for production versions of Drupal core.

How to build a data reporting tool with Drupal

In this session we will build a simple reporting tool that can import data into Drupal as well as export custom user-made reports.
Modules: Views, Feeds, Views Data Export, and a custom module.
Session is for: Anyone, Developers, Content Contributors

Our First Drupal 8 Site

When Drupal 8 presented itself last fall, we knew we didn’t want to wait until Drupal 7 reached end of life before getting our hands dirty. We acknowledged Drupal will never stop progressing and decided to jump right in with Drupal 8 by building our new sites on 8. Here we will talk about the building of the first Drupal 8 site in our department, the differences we discovered between 7 and 8 as well as what we liked more and what we like less. 

Using BigPipe and Refreshless to make our site fast!

Drupal 8 has two incredible new modules that help deliver your site faster than ever before. In this session we will go over what these two modules are, why they work well together and how to use them. We will wrap up with a demo of a BigPipe and refreshless site loading in comparison to a vanilla Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 site with the same content. Prepare to be amazed!

Experience and Challenges about Working with Media companies

What we will cover?
-- Getting everything into single platform in Drupal. 
-- Content Authoring work flow.
-- Large data management and Good archiving system.
-- Site wide content search.